How the Energy Star Programmable Thermostat Will Save You Money!

How the Energy Star Programmable Thermostat Will Save You Money!

When used properly, an energy star programmable thermostat can help save you money by reducing the amount of energy used when heating and/or cooling your home. Only programmable thermostats can come with the energy star rating because it is the one that can help you control your home’s or business’ temperature to keep your energy consumption down.

We decided to purchase an energy star programmable thermostat as we began to watch our heating and cooling bills creep higher and higher every month. We do have zoned heating, which does help, but it was not enough to keep our heating and cooling bill at bay. We have purchased an energy star programmable thermostat for each zone in our home and couldn’t be happier with the results.

Choose the Energy Star Programmable Thermostat to Suit Your Needs

As with most modern technology, there are lots of options that allow you to purchase a model that works best for your needs, and the energy star programmable thermostat is no different. There are options to purchase a 7 day model that is designed to let you program different start and end times for each day of the week, allowing for maximum flexibility. There is an energy star programmable thermostat model that has a separate weekday schedule and capability to schedule a separate schedule for weekends – the 5-2 model. Another popular model is the 5-1-1 energy star programmable thermostat because you can program a set schedule for the weekdays (Monday-Friday) and then a different schedule for Saturday and still another schedule for Sunday. Because we do have the zoned heating, we were able to purchase different models for individual zones, based on what made sense for that particular location in our house.

We love that we have the flexibility to pre-set temperatures and times to turn our heating and cooling units on and off to ensure that we are using only the energy we truly need. Before using an energy star programmable thermostat, we were inadvertently throwing our money out the window every time we forgot to turn the dial down before leaving the house or going to bed. And with zoned heating, it was easy to remember one room, but forget the next. The benefit of having the zoned heating was quickly lost.

Being able to re-program temperatures based on our changing schedule was a necessity for us. We have young children, and with summers off and changing extra-curricular activity schedules, we have found that every few months we need to adjust the scheduled settings a tad to keep saving money.

We have been incredibly satisfied with our energy star programmable thermostat. There were so many features to choose from, and really looking at our schedule and needs, we were able to find the best for our use.

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