Belt Sander Reviews, Results and Ratings 2017

Looking to smooth out your choices in finding a belt sander? is a site dedicated to helping consumers like you find the best knowledge on belt sanders. We have become the leading belt sander go-to information site because we have done extensive belt sander reviews on a wide variety of products. From commercial to small hand held belt sanders, our belt sander reviews give in depth information on the products you are searching for.

The most typical belt sanders are smaller units that are controlled by hand, though there are those with bench-mounting configuration. In the belt sander, an electric motor turns two drums, which turns a loop of sandpaper. There are many different grit sandpapers available for belt sanders of all sizes. For our belt sander reviews, we have tested belt sanders on a variety of materials such as unfinished wood, painted or stained wood and even aluminum. Our best belt sander reviews and belt sander ratings go to any products that we highly recommend to anyone looking to prepare wood for painting or staining. There are belt sanders that come in all shapes and sizes. For example, there are large belt sanders that sand 4×8 pieces of wood ready to ship out. Other belt sanders that received high belt sander ratings were those with innovative designs, such as those that made it easy to sand against a flush wall. Some of these types of belt sanders have adjustable sanding arms or pivoting bases that make it easy to get in hard to reach places.

Belt sanders are equipped with various types of motors usually ranging from 5-12 amps. During our belt sander reviews, we have found that belt sanders that have adjustable speed settings can be helpful to control the amount of sanding that is done. Some of the best motors we have seen can spin between 900 and 5000 feet per minute and beyond. Because belt sanders create a large amount of dust, our belt sander reviews have also found that those with cotton collection bags did a superior job of keeping your workplace and tools clean. Models that were given lower ratings did not have these bags would sometimes get dust in the bearings of their drums and cause faster wear and tear. We also favor the vacuum systems employed in the heavy-duty commercial systems. In these larger systems, a separate vacuum system is hooked up where the bag would be in order to collect and store dust in a remote vat. Our ratings of these systems only reflect on what the system will be used in, such as home garage, workshop, or professional industrial line.

We continually test the latest belt sanders on the market here at Along with our own belt sander reviews, users like you can generate their own review or rating of a specific product. If you have used a belt sander that you like or dislike, tell us on our ratings page. With comprehensive belt sander ratings of a wide variety of products, we aim to make it easy for you in choosing the product of the best quality and value.

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